About Radio Aber

Your new community radio for Aberystwyth and the surrounding areas

Run BY local people and broadcasting FOR local people, this truly is LOCAL radio!

Radio Aber will provide a fully bilingual broadcasting service that means something to everyone. With such a rich array of local talent, interesting people, wonderful events, incredible positivity, and a fascinating history, we’re looking to champion local radio from the heart of mid-Wales.



A new local radio offers bountiful opportunities for communities across our local area.



A new local radio can become the hub of activity for an area under-served by local broadcasting.

Our Aims

1. To operate a bilingual radio station on FM & online for communities across Ceredigion

We want to empower you to be the voices of our communities

2. To tackle loneliness & isolation and to enhance health and well-being amongst Ceredigion residents

Radio provides the perfect platform to bring people together

3. To promote volunteering and employment opportunities for residents and students to develop their skills and self-confidence

Community radio provides a gateway to numerous skills and employment opportunities

4. To work with other local businesses and organisations to help promote their work and raise community profiles to improve the quality of life for Ceredigion residents

We believe in sharing skills and knowledge to help each other meet our individual goals

5. To provide a platform to positively represent and develop Ceredigion and Welsh business, music, and culture;

We want to fully support developing local businesses and artists and celebrate our local culture

Community is Key

We love our community

We are a not-for-profit community-led organisation. Our radio station is inspired by, led by and operates for members of our community. As such we will be holding regular consultations and surveys so that you can have your say on every aspect of the organisation.

We Are Local

Locally based & locally operated

We aren't going anywhere else! Local is everything to us!

What matters to us is that the local area is served on a local broadcasting level.
We have laid out a particular set of goals to meet within our local area that will, we hope, be of great benefit to the communities around us.

Explore the opportunities that community radio can provide…