Impact of Community Radio

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What effect will a new local radio have on our communities?

Radio Aber’s primary goals are to connect and engage local communities with what is going on in their local area. Knock on effects from this will greatly benefit local health and wellbeing, local business, and community profiles.

New Skills

Working in radio offers local people a variety of impressive skills.

Upskilling individuals has an extensive impact on community empowerment, which in turn can be a vital route to better health and prevent social exclusion. Working in radio offers a set of transferable skills, notably a range of communication and public speaking dexterity that breeds greater confidence. 

Radio Aber will be offering a variety of roles with associated training programs, suitable as much to college and university students looking to increase their career opportunities as working age and retired age locals wanting to learn new skills or improve on existing ones.

In the modern age it is easy for both older and younger people to become socially isolated. Our communities are full of interesting and highly skilled individuals that are worth celebrating, and radio can be the perfect common tool for connecting people across communities. 

Radio Aber will offer a variety of programmes, activities, and external events that encourage different members of the community to connect with each other. An effective community radio can form connection points to improve people’s access to community activities that keep them healthy.

Connecting People

Community radio allows local people to play an active role in society and provides a voice to the voiceless.

Talking and Listening

Radio offers people both a means of reaching out and an opportunity to listen to others.

Modern life throws up a lot of barriers to effective listening, which can often lead to a lack of empathy and understanding. Healthy communities require members to validate each others’ opinions and allow everyone to have a voice. 

Radio Aber offers people a voice to express themselves, but also offers its audience the opportunity to actively listen to other opinions. If our communities are genuinely interested in hearing and understanding what others have to say, community radio offers a source of incredible social gain.

Come and play your part..