Get Involved

Do more than listen…

Radio Aber is a community-led radio station. Everything from the programming content and the people involved to the funding and direction is down to the people in the community. That means you!

Help us raise the funds needed to start broadcasting by joining our Crowdfunding campaign. Bang the drum and get others invested by discussing the potential opportunities of a new local radio with friends and family, and share it on social media. Become the presenters, reporters, and interviewers you hear on the radio by volunteering your spare time through the week.

If you want to see your area served by a local radio that broadcasts what you want to hear, from people you trust, then help create it today.

1. Join our Crowdfunder

Offer a little to make a big difference.

2. Share On Social Media

The more local people engaged, the better the service.

3. Offer Your Skills

It's your community. Reach out to it.