Local radio offers real potential…

Community radio means something different to everyone.

Envisage it as a new way to reach customers, a chance to voice your opinion on local matters, or as an opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills. No matter what it means to you, Radio Aber can provide it.

Welsh Language

Radio Aber will be a bilingual organisation, with programmes in both Welsh and English.

A new local broadcaster offers numerous opportunities to promote and further the Welsh language by mixing existing speakers with new learners. Welsh is spoken on a daily basis throughout our communities, and the local radio should reflect that. 

Listeners can expect to hear bilingual broadcasting throughout the day on Radio Aber, with both native and new speakers encouraged to use their Welsh on-air.

Radio Aber will reach thousands of local people across its FM transmission range, while its simultaneous online broadcasting opens it up to listeners further afield.

With few other locally-focused broadcasters in the area, businesses will have unique access to a concentrated local market, benefitting the local economy.

Business & Tourism

Radio Aber will reach thousands of local people, benefitting local business.

Volunteering & Upskilling

Radio Aber expects up to 100 local people a year to be involved in the running of the service.

A new local radio offers members of the community a variety of volunteering opportunities to learn new skills. Radio Aber expects to reflect the demographics in the local area, meaning new opportunities for everyone regardless of age, location, or experience.

Presenters, producers, reporters, and newsreaders are just some of the on-air roles open to local people, alongside the numerous support and administration roles so crucial to running a not-for-profit organisation.

Weather warnings, heavy traffic, school closures, and developing news stories are all the standard territory of local radio. Radio is the best tried-and-tested method for broadcasting relevant and up-to-the-minute updates on public announcements. 

Radio Aber offers local communities and institutions daily opportunities to keep in touch with local news and announcements in their area.

Public Announcements

Local radio offers live and up-to-date information on news and events in your area.

Discover the impact of community radio…